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About Mr. Bill’s


Where We Came From
Twenty five years ago my father, the original “Mr. Bill,” had a dream of opening a family diner that would not only be a place to taste great Southern classics, but would also be a place where the people in the Northport community gathered for good times. Thus was born Mr. Bill’s Family Dining.

Where We Are Now

Over the years Mr. Bill’s has grown a lot and while we still have at our core the original dream of that family diner, we’ve expanded our restaurant space to include an enclosed area that can be utilized for special events along with expanding our menu options well beyond those of the authentic Southern classics, for which we’re so well-known. And now with people traveling farther to get great food, we also see the greater Tuscaloosa area as part of our “community,” as well!

With additions like our Certified Hereford Beef that’s tender and cooked-to-order, premium ribs, smoked wings, and whole U.S. farmed catfish, we have moved well beyond the offerings of of a typical “family diner.” The best part is that even with all of the new additions to our facilities and menu, we are still a place where you can experience the “small-town” atmosphere. It’s the combination of these things is what sets us apart from other restaurants.

Where We Are Going

Although it is a large part of who we have been since the beginning, the name “Mr. Bill’s Family Dining” didn’t really express the wide variety of dining experiences we now offer Tuscaloosa residents. To reflect the expansions and additions, in September 2018 “Mr. Bill’s Family Dining” officially became “Mr. Bill’s Southern Smokehouse.”

We are excited about this change and what it means for Mr. Bill’s! While we’re always delighted to see all of the familiar faces we are equally excited to welcome all the new faces who will enter our doors looking for a premium dining experience in a personal atmosphere.

If you’ve been a customer of Mr. Bill’s for a while, rest easy knowing that we are still serving all your old favorites and know that we’re also looking forward to serving all the “new” favorites we know you’ll discover. It’s the same great taste in a fresh new look.
So, whether you’re looking for a place to grab some wings with your roommates before a game or you want that premium steak while dining out with your family, Mr. Bill’s Southern Smokehouse is the place for you! We can’t wait to see you!